What can I do for you?

"...accessible, attentive, steady and innovative."
Cynthia Sierra, CEO, Manet Community Health Center, Quincy, MA


Working from my loft in the eaves of my studio, up in the rafters, I create images and concepts borrowed from art history or inhaled from the zeitgeist. I made this office, a desk in the air, to optimize my space and give my head a place meander. Everything I need to create is here, and down below in my studio.

Lots of different projects have found a way to this desk, from print ads to complex web projects. I'd be tickled to help you start up a new business with a great new logo, or work over some old graphics that are looking tired. I do old-fashioned analog print and web presence graphics. I offer a special rate to non-profits, glad to support organizations that support quality of life and a our world a better place.  

Let me help you get your project out there and up in the air, in all it's glory. 

Talk soon, Andrea