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~ a creative professional with 3 decades of print, technical and interpersonal expertise.


I began as a artist, graduating from the Museum School BFA program in Boston in the 80's. In my mid-20's I talked myself into a desktop publishing job at a lo-tech company in NH. I'd been working in DOS (remember DOS?) and had no experience with Apple at the time, but that was a requirement of the job, so I got a friend to show me some basic stuff and bluffed my way into a job. My monitor was 7 inches in diameter, 10 inches deep and weighed a ton. Would it be stupid to say that things have changed a lot? On the journey from then to now I've accumulated enough savvy to earn a geek badge. Even my kids come to me for help. 

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"Working with Andrea Pluhar has been an enjoyable and educational experience for me and I readily recommend her services to anyone in need of a beautiful, original and effective website."  Dara Lurie, writer